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Did you miss a Time Travel Tuesday or are you looking to see one again?

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Private Engagements


Enjoy a fun and interesting character portrayal, a subject-specific multimedia presentation or a live stage production presented by our talented staff.  Live character interpretations and custom presentations are available for any size group.  


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"A Briefly Complete History of Aspen"

"One of the funniest portrayals of Aspen History in more than 13 decades!"

--Kip Hubbard, V.P. Marketing & Development, Aspen Historical Society 

Okay, we're biased!  But really folks, this original production, written and duct taped together by Crystal Palace alum Mike Monroney, is a whirlwind trip through Aspen's wild and irreverent history featuring Monroney, Nina Gabianelli (another fab CP alum) and local language contortionist Lee Sullivan. Coming to a performance venue near you OR book the show for your special event or meeting. 


Lee Sullivan, Nina Gabianelli and Mike Monroney


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