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Journey Stories

The American story is a patchwork of many, its complex fabric woven over time from the voyages of people—voluntary and involuntary—who traveled across the continent, state-to-state and around the world to build new lives and new legacies. How did we get here, exactly? The question is tackled in “Journey Stories.”

“Journey Stories” comes to Aspen June 4 through July 10, 2013.

It explores the history of American travel, from immigration to migration, the role of innovation and myriad transportation modes and the search for freedom. The new exhibit is the latest from Museum on Main Street, a partnership of the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) and state humanities councils. Using a wide range of engaging visuals, audio clips, music, maps and artifacts, “Journey Stories” brings to life the personal paths of immigrants, slaves, explorers, business tycoons and historical figures whose travels have led from the Mayflower to the Golden State.

Visitors to “Journey Stories” will navigate four centuries of American history while experiencing the joys and hardships of journeys past. In addition, the stories of Aspenites and how they got here will also be told.

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