Jerome B. Wheeler

Throughout the American West, every mining community has one or two individuals who become highly successful. One of Aspen's most notable entrepreneurs was Jerome B. Wheeler.

Mr. Wheeler, unlike others seeking to make their fortune in Aspen, would merely add to his own.

As half owner of New York City's Macy's Department Store, he moved to Manitou Springs, CO for his wife's health. At the time, Manitou Springs was known as "The Newport of the Rockies."

Not content with resort lifestyles, Jerome began investing in businesses and mining properties, including some in Aspen. It is estimated that he invested $500,000 in mining properties, buildings and most important, the completion of a critically needed smelter in Aspen.

Today, Wheeler remains an Aspen icon, not so much for his mining activities, but rather for the three buildings, still standing, which bear his name—the Wheeler Opera House, The Jerome Hotel and the Wheeler/Stallard Museum, the later of which is now the headquarters of the Aspen Historical Society.


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